Christmas at Tall Pines

Melanie Beck chooses to spend Christmas at Tall Pines Lodge in the mountains of Utah, which offers holiday festivities, music, and other traditional activities. Grieving the loss of her parents, Melanie hopes Tall Pines will provide the Christmas atmosphere she misses. Unfortunately, her trip is disrupted twice, first by the arrival of her high school crush turned Hollywood star, and then by a blizzard that strands them both there. Tyler Shaw has retreated to Tall Pines to access the local ski slopes and take a much-needed break from filming and paparazzi. His plans are immediately upset when he runs into Melanie again, and realizes his old friend ignites some feelings he thought he’d left behind a decade ago. Past and present are colliding as the blizzard rages on, but some Christmas magic might be all they need to give romance a second chance.
A famous author and a Hollywood heartthrob reuniting years later during a blizzard provides plenty of fuel for a holiday romance. Throw in some unresolved high school drama and the conflict could have easily skyrocketed, particularly over some of the flimsy plot threads concerning the characters’ loss of contact, and later a few of the holes in the conclusion. Instead, Melanie chooses forgiveness and second chances, and Tyler is given opportunities to grow and pursue Melanie. Still, the development of their relationship is steady and sweet, and the shift from surviving their problems to handling them slowly entices the reader to turn the page. Readers who are looking for a light holiday romance will find this one delightful and deserving of a second look!
Sarah E Bradley