Secret of the Sonnets

Miranda Hatch is no ordinary Regency heroine. She’s in her mid-twenties and would likely be considered a spinster. However, marriage was never as important to her as her education. Fortunately, she has parents who encourage her pursuit of knowledge, rather than dissuade her from it. Lord Hamilton, although titled, is penniless and drowning in inherited debt that will likely cost him his family home. When Miranda and Robert meet, there is an immediate, although subdued, attraction which will grow over time and circumstance. As they are pulled into an adventure, they must rely on one another to navigate the secrets that lie within the Hamilton family papers.
For readers who love Regency romance, yet are looking for something different than the prerequisite balls and affairs of the ton, “Secrets of the Sonnets” is just the thing. The story will appeal to lovers of Shakespeare as well, since the bard’s work is sprinkled liberally throughout the story. Miranda’s family is also very non-traditional and provide a wonderful secondary storyline. The scholarly discussions between Miranda and her father over the works of Shakespeare are as entertaining as the slow-burn romance between the two main characters. When Miranda and Lord Robert agree to work together to review the ancestral papers belonging to the Hamilton family, they have no idea of the mystery that awaits them, or that their very search will put them in danger from forces also interested in the works. This is a well-crafted Regency period drama made even better by the history and little-known facts it uncovers. Highly recommended.
N.E. Kelley