What We Never Say: Bold Journeys Book One

Kyle Dillon thought he had put the past behind him. But when his girlfriend discovers information about his past, he is forced to relive trauma he’d rather leave buried. Rebecca loves Kyle, and for the first time in a long time, she feels as though she is doing something worthwhile in writing her blog - a blog that she writes under an alias due to its delicate nature. But when an enemy from Kyle’s past comes back to haunt them both, they find themselves facing the music in every way possible. Will they be able to get through everything and make their relationship work? Or will the troubles separate them and force them to start over again?
The first thing to mention is that this book deals with the subject of sexual abuse against men. Paulette Stout has handled this delicate subject in an amazing way. Clearly she has done her research, and the actions and thoughts of the characters will really put readers in the middle of the story and realize the trauma that Kyle has gone through. The relationship between Rebecca and Kyle is fantastic, even though they face their troubles and there are many hiccups, they handle it well. There is a villain that is absolutely hateful, diabolical, and there is just a need for her to get what she deserves. With an engaging plot and the tackling of a very sensitive subject with finesse and great writing, “What We Never Say” is a great start to the Bold Journeys series.
Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick