Reviews - Contemporary

Secrets We Keep

Anna Levenko is from Ukraine. She is a junior tennis player on the circuit—before an injury forces her to change career paths. After graduating from a university in Washington DC with a degree in Business, Anna returns home to Ukraine, and works without pay for a non-profit and with pay for her uncle.

Lizzy Cray, brand influencer, is at the peak of her fame… only she isn’t real. Mackenzie Craymore, the real name behind the face, has pushed forward after disappearing from the limelight twelve years prior when her fiancé, Lucky Blumenthal, died in a tragic car accident. Now she hides behind her false persona, and avoids all interviews about her past.

After fourteen years of hard work, Caroline is on the brink of achieving her goal of becoming a cardiac surgeon. Finally, she can help families deal with the diseases that caused the kind of loss her family suffered when she was only nine years old. All that changes when a last-minute visit home to see her parents turns into her worst nightmare.

Jackie Hobbs is grieving. While working abroad, she receives word that her mother has been in an accident. Unable to return in time, Jackie is dreading holidays without her only family member. But in accordance with her mother’s last wishes, she reluctantly travels to Sugar Creek, Vermont, to spend the holidays as her mother had originally planned.

Penelope Reid is terrified of flying and attempting to ignore her terror, she babbles her life story and a ton of her inner secrets to her seat mate, assuming she’d never see him again. Except, it turns out something about the single mother in her late 40s appeals to the doctor beside her, and two months later, Jacob Williams arrives in the town of Roses as the new pediatrician.