A Home for Christmas (Seasons of Sugar Creek)


Jackie Hobbs is grieving. While working abroad, she receives word that her mother has been in an accident. Unable to return in time, Jackie is dreading holidays without her only family member. But in accordance with her mother’s last wishes, she reluctantly travels to Sugar Creek, Vermont, to spend the holidays as her mother had originally planned. Austin Fletcher is surprised and captivated by the kind-hearted woman who comes to stay in one of his family’s cabin rentals. His efforts to lead her on a special scavenger hunt and give her letters from her mother begin to not only help Jackie with her grief, but stir desires of his own. With Jackie’s loss so fresh and new, Austin is sure she wouldn’t be interested in what he has to offer, but the more time they spend together, the more he begins to wonder if she might be his own Christmas miracle.

An incredibly heart wrenching holiday tale, “A Home for Christmas” is the book lovers of Hallmark and contemporary romance need to read! Jackie’s emotions are palpable, and her efforts to embrace her mother’s last wishes are both believable in her reluctance and heartwarming in their effect. Austin is so charming and yet flawed as his devotion to his family holds him back from making a necessary move. Their romance together is incredibly sweet and is encouraged by a delightful cast of townsfolk, as well as Austin’s own family. The only real flaw in the tale is how Austin’s problems are resolved by his family instead of himself. That said, the story is well done to the point readers will find themselves either looking up the next book in the Seasons of Sugar Creek series and finding out what happens to the next Fletcher sibling! Delightful from start to finish!

Sarah E Bradley