Christmas in the Air (Flipping For You Book 6)


Penelope Reid is terrified of flying and attempting to ignore her terror, she babbles her life story and a ton of her inner secrets to her seat mate, assuming she’d never see him again. Except, it turns out something about the single mother in her late 40s appeals to the doctor beside her, and two months later, Jacob Williams arrives in the town of Roses as the new pediatrician. Hurt by former relationships gone south, both Penelope and Jacob are slow to pursue the attraction between them. However, as Penelope attempts to raise her son and embrace the spirit of the holidays, she finds herself falling for the intriguing doctor, and the offer of a second chance romance that waits if only she’s willing to claim it.

A sweet and quick holiday romance, Penelope and Jacob are two hurt people who are attracted to one another and yet fearful of making a mistake a second time. The story alternates between their perspectives as they draw toward and then away from one another over the course of several weeks. While the attraction between the pair is established early, the story is disrupted at times by the sudden emotional whiplashes, the alternating POVs, and a few rushed or hastily tied up sub-plots with Jacob’s family. That said, Penny and Jacob have depth and show growth as the story continues. Their interactions with one another and with Penny’s son feel realistic with all their flaws and improvements. Overall, readers looking for second chance romance will find it to be an easy read with a satisfying conclusion.

Sarah Bradley