The Heart of Holiday (Holiday Harbor Book 4)

Michele Paige

After fourteen years of hard work, Caroline is on the brink of achieving her goal of becoming a cardiac surgeon. Finally, she can help families deal with the diseases that caused the kind of loss her family suffered when she was only nine years old. All that changes when a last-minute visit home to see her parents turns into her worst nightmare. In the blink of an eye, Caroline finds herself thrust into witness protection and all the dreams she chased are left behind, along with her old life. Now, Caroline finds she doesn’t even have the comfort of her own name in her new world. She is now Carol, a librarian in the small town of Holiday, Alabama, and life no longer bears any resemblance to the one she used to know. While Caroline finds herself slowly opening herself to her new reality, and what her future might hold, the town of Holiday is finding they can’t imagine a town without having her as a part of it.

The author has eloquently blended the elements of small-town fiction, a love story, and a story of loss into something amazing that will leave readers just as invested in the triumphs of Caroline’s life as the rest of the town has become. This story is truly a gift of love, loss, and finding your way again, and is a must read for anyone looking for a reminder that loss is always there, but so are new beginnings and the chances to find something that you never knew was out there. This is a heart-warming journey that is a real can’t miss read. Absolutely delightful from start to finish.

Valerie Vicars