Influence (The New York Socialites Series, Book 4)


Lizzy Cray, brand influencer, is at the peak of her fame… only she isn’t real. Mackenzie Craymore, the real name behind the face, has pushed forward after disappearing from the limelight twelve years prior when her fiancé, Lucky Blumenthal, died in a tragic car accident. Now she hides behind her false persona, and avoids all interviews about her past. But when she runs into Dominick “Nick” Templeton, her entire world is compromised. Immediately swept off her feet by his charm, Mackenzie lets down her guard before she realizes Nick is just on the warpath to learn about her past – but as Nick gets to know her, he feels a spark between them he can’t deny. Will Mackenzie let her guard down enough to allow herself be with Nick?

Prepare to go down the slippery slope into the romance rabbit hole, because everything about this novel radiates chemistry and charm while following the winding path of the enemies-to-lovers trope to a tee. The author has a captivating writing style with great descriptions that will always keep one interested. Readers learn a lot about Mackenzie’s background, but are left wanting more from Nick’s backstory. There’s a huge plot twist in the middle of the book that no one will see coming, which is not only shocking, but keeps readers on the edge of their seats until the end. Nick’s character is a bit harder to like since he starts off as a bit of a stalker, but further along, the reader will learn to love him. Get ready for this book to sweep you off your feet into this tragic, city-life-centric romance!

Austen Grace