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A Bend in the Willow

After setting fire to her rapist, Robin Lee Carter ran away from Willowood, Kentucky in 1965 and never looked back. Twenty years later, she is living as Catherine Henry in Tucson, Arizona. When her 5-year-old son is diagnosed with leukemia, neither Catherine nor her husband is a match.

FANTASY:  Ciandra, the beautiful daughter of the Chief of the village, is out gathering fruit when she falls into the icy water. She awakens to find herself nestled beside a great dragon, his heat warming her elven body. After failing to convince her father that the dragon saved her and is no danger to them, she escapes the protection of her guard to return to it.

Sage It Out

MYSTERY:  Rose Devlin is walking her cat when she witnesses a skunk snatching. That's right — a skunk snatching. Not only that, she is  literally  bowled over by Detective Nathan Bryant as he gives chase to the thief. After making her way back home, Rose’s best friend and business partner, Sage Tanton, sees Rose’s aura and knows something has happened.

INSPIRATIONAL:  Rebecca St. Claire is leaving her cheating husband Michael to visit Lily Dale, the community where she grew up. Both her mother and grandmother have passed away, but Rebecca plans to stay with their old friend Maeve, who still lives there. Maeve O’Toole is a member of the spiritualist religion, as are all the residents of Lily Dale.

Charlotte Jones and professional baseball player Jake Ross meet when they volunteer for the same organization. Jake is focused on securing a multi-million dollar sponsorship deal that is on the verge of falling apart due to his bad boy reputation. Charlotte has a secret crush on Jake, and is mortified when she collapses in front of him and he takes her to the hospital.