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Andy McNeilly once worked for the Supernatural Regulatory Division, but now she's their prisoner. They've injected her with a serum that has caused her to lose the beast she could once become.

The last thing Sheriff Jack Swan wants is a relationship; in fact he's sworn off women. When Doctor Kate Marsden comes into his life, he's convinced she's trouble wrapped up in a really attractive package. Kate believes the Sheriff is a pervert when they first meet, but even she can't deny how attractive he is.

FANTASY:  Lady Glynnes Janaleigh has finally found her intended mate. A previous bodyguard to a dragon lord, she is now a dragon lord in her own right. Due to fate, her mate might not survive.

Mary Brock

SCI-FI:  The planet of Arcadia is in danger of becoming uninhabitable if the Survey and its ecological engineers can’t save it.

Sweet Texas Charm

Grayson Cooper is livid when he finds out his father left Grayson’s company shares to Becca Nash, a line supervisor in the company. Despite what his brothers think, and his father’s plans, Grayson has no intention in falling for the girl just to get his shares back. Instead, Grayson plays undercover boss to figure out why his father left Becca the shares and then steal them back.