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During a period of civil unrest Ian MacKay is charged with tracking down traitors for King James V of Scotland.  While tracking one such villain, Ian overtakes a carriage he was sure would lead to the man’s arrest, only to find a lass.

Getting Lei’d

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Getting dumped while wearing her wedding dress is not the loving day Roxy envisioned, neither is the fact that she's getting dumped for her best friend. A pseudo-kidnapping by her sister Ruthie and grandmother, Baggy, has her going on her honeymoon to Hawaii—sans groom.

A Widow’s Salvation

The first battles of the Civil War took Pepper Brown’s husband from her. Though wealthy, she was left with two sons and another baby on the way.  When her mourning period is done she is determined to continue living, knowing that Michael would want that.

HISTORICAL:  Cady and her fiancé Doyle are trying to settle into pre-wedding domestic bliss, but it seems as if trouble follows her on one side, and comes begging him for help on the other.


Afton has been sick and unhealthy for her entire life. Left alone with only her grandmother to raise her after her mother's suicide, she has always been different. She has never really been told the truth about her history; all Afton knew was that blood kept her alive.