Angelborn (The Angelborn Cycle Book 1)

New Adult

PARANORMAL:  Maia has grown up seeing the dead everywhere, and mainly focuses on staying out of their way. But when someone begins to haunt her roommate, she finds it impossible to ignore him, especially when other people can see him too. When he rescues her from her nightmarish demons, Maia starts falling for him… 

In the meantime, Caleb has a second chance, now that his soul mate has been reborn. He must win her love again or serve out his eternal sentence on his own. Powerful angels are hunting him down, however, and on top of that, there’s a girl seeing the dead that serves as a distraction… one he can’t stay away from. 

With a refreshing take on angel lore and the concept of soul mates, “Angelborn" offered solid world-building. The world of Maia and Caleb is well-developed and has multiple layers for the reader to explore. Several otherworldly realms are introduced, each with their own history. Despite the book being relatively short, the author manages to craft her fantasy world in a truly outstanding manner. Caleb and Maia on their own were intriguing characters. Unfortunately, together, they had little to no chemistry, and their romance was severely underdeveloped. The writing focused a lot on telling instead of showing as well and could use some work. “Angelborn" is a short novel with an intriguing storyline recommended for readers who enjoy paranormal romance. 

Majanka Verstraete