Prophecy’s Language


Starting over is never easy, but Eleanor Donovan has become a successful writer in spite of her ex-husband’s efforts to tear her down. After spending a wine-induced late night waiting for her writing muse to rouse itself and inspire her, Eleanor is surprised to encounter a sexy stranger by the name of Sin standing in her condo. Assuming her agent sent a book cover model to whisk her away to an exotic locale, Eleanor agrees to go with him. Little does she know Sin is no ordinary man - he’s a vampire, sent to find out how Eleanor has been penning true tales of vampire society. Worlds will collide and this author is about to become the leading lady in her very own romance!
“Prophecy’s Language” is a dark and delicious read, effortlessly coupling action and passion. The fourth novel in the Prophecy series, fans will leap at the chance to add this tale to their collection. Ms. Dyer adds a unique perspective on the classic vampire mythos. Introducing Eleanor into the series as its creator is ingenious! The details are descriptive without being overdone, and the author is adept at guiding the reader along without giving too much away in the process. The story would have benefited with more secondary character interaction. Still, readers will be enthralled by the erotic tension between Sin and Eleanor, and will hang on to every twist and turn until the final epic showdown! If one is looking to become immersed into a world of gripping adventure and tantalizing romance, this series is a must read!

Chantel Hardge