Black Cat Blues


When blues singer Maggy Malone stumbles upon a dying man in the alley behind the Black Cat bar, it’s up to her and the murdered man's brother Logan to piece together the events leading to his death. With the help of a no-nonsense detective, a close friend who may or may not be in love with her, and a secret diary, they soon discover the truth - the killer is after the buried treasure of a long-dead cult leader. Agonizing over whether or not to get involved, Maggy is caught in a web of circumstances that has her marked for death. Can Maggy find the killer? Or will she become his next victim?

“Black Cat Blues” is the debut novel of the Vancouver Blues Suspense series. Ms. Carson’s prolific wordplay engages all of one's senses. The reader will be able to virtually see, taste, hear and smell their surroundings. This alluringly constructed murder mystery is rich in historical legend and has characters with a genuineness that is refreshing. Maggy Malone is a curvy, sexy woman with a voice that makes men weak in the knees. She also has an immediate and intense reaction to the police. Although her distrust for them is mentioned several times, one may question why no clear answer is given. The sexual tension between Maggy and Logan is indisputable; however readers may feel underwhelmed when these two finally get together. Compulsively suspenseful, this riveting read is guaranteed to keep one up at night!

Chantel Hardge