Solomon Aleph (Aleph Series #1)

Julie L.

While deployed and on a mission, Jamie suddenly finds herself in a terrifying new situation - one that introduces her to a General, a non-human one. Solomon Aleph is the regional alpha of werewolves, and after meeting Jamie, his worst nightmare comes true. He’s being attacked on all sides, including cyber space when Jamie gets taken for experiments. Someone wants the world to know about werewolves, so that the Hunting that onece almost exterminated their race will begin again. 

Jamie is strong, intelligent, and definitely capable of handling her own. When she discovers she’s a werewolf, and is then claimed by General Solomon for his werewolves-only unit, she doesn’t break down. She accepts it, although it’s a lot to take in. And when people want her for her DNA, she still keeps her strength and doesn’t give up. Solomon isn’t your typical alpha, but not exactly in a good way. He cries… which doesn’t exactly stroke  his alpha male persona and might be slightly annoying for those who demand sterner stuff from their alphas. Even those are well written, though. It had a few typos here and there, but nothing that really took away from the reading experience. Overall, this is an enjoyable, entertaining, well-crafted story with an engaging heroine and some great surprises along the way. 

Majanka Verstraete