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Lady of the Bridge

Princess Saiko’s father has promised her to the Emperor as a consort - a match essential for peace in Japan.

HISTORICAL:  In Medieval times, Arabella was a fair maiden and Jaden was her faithful knight. They were destined never to be a couple because Ulric interfered and killed Arabella.

Meuric is a half-emrys - son of a mortal man and an immortal mother - who has chosen to follow his dark side. This causes great difficulties in his life, especially right now.

CHICK-LIT:  Aimee is a doctor, attempting to recapture the sexual revolution of her college days. She begins by seducing OB/GYN Preston. Things are going well until she yells at her computer monitor, and suddenly she is Skyping with her maiden aunt who is in Africa on safari. Suddenly, the aunt is rushed by a rogue elephant and the screen goes blank.

A mysterious woman comes into Ethan’s bar every night at midnight.  She orders a whiskey and then just as quickly disappears.  Danielle is a woman of mystery - or is she?