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Englishman Harrison Dyer washes ashore on the coast of the Kingdom of Siam, only survivor of a merchant shipwreck, along with his nanny goat.

Gilda Greco may have won the lottery, but she will never be the kind of woman to sit idle. Her newest investment venture, a Greek restaurant called Xenia, seems to be a dream come true, given the expertise of owner and head chef, David Korba. Gilda plans to let her best friends in on the secret she's been keeping at an exclusive dinner party scheduled close to the restaurant’s opening date.

Olivia Merriman has graduated college and returned home to New Moon Beach where she can be with her father and two sisters while opening her dream shop, Mystique Creations.

Penelope Carter lives the simple life. She owns a quaint tea shop in Seattle where she works six days a week—most of the time even sleeping on a pallet in the back room. Business could be better, and her mother could be less critical, but Penelope believes herself to be content with the quiet life she has created for herself.

When Skylar ‘Birdy’ Branson witnesses the brutal murder of Deacon Bradley, beloved leader of the 4th Avenue Baptist Church in Louisiana, it places a target on the back of the seventeen-year-old homeless girl. Real estate tycoon Cranston Turner will stop at nothing to obtain the land the old church stands on and cover his tracks while eliminating any of the church members who stand in his way.