Maiden From the Mist (Guardians of the Stone #4)

Tanya Anne

Sorcha dún Scoti inherited a keek stane from her beloved seer Unna, together with the gift of sight. She can now see the true circumstances of her birth and her father's identity, and she doesn’t much like what she sees. Sorcha feels betrayed by her clan, and with Una gone, she is determined to find her under any circumstances. What she doesn’t know is that there are those looking for the beautiful woman on the white horse, and that she is the answer to a grief-stricken laird’s blindness. 

Laird Caden MacSwein has always done right by his clan. After a battle claimed his sight, however, he no longer leaves his bedroom. A strange woman arrives on his island and possesses tinctures and potions. Will they cure him of his blindness? Soon, he will learn to see with his heart, and not his eyes. Will he regain his sight in order to save the woman he loves from the danger that has been foretold?

Awww, love…what power it contains. The relationship between Sorcha and Caden is lovely, indeed. Unfortunately, the beginning of the book will leave the reader confused, due to an unneeded info-dump. When Sorcha and Caden meet, the story really begins to take off, and will melt the reader’s heart, even though their feelings for each other happen rather quickly. Another info-dump during the epilogue robs the ending of its power. Still, with some tight content editing this book has the potential to be amazing!

Lynne Bryant