The Soldier’s Secret

Heather Osborne
Kristyl Dawn Tift

HISTORICAL:  When Emma Mansfield finds herself chafing under the expectation that she take up the role of housewife and mother, she finds escape in the danger and intrigue of the American Civil War.  When her brothers and fiancé join the fight and then stop writing to her, Emma is desperate to find out what has happened to them.  She disguises herself as a young man and joins the Union Army to look for her loved ones, and along the way learns more about herself than she expects to.


It is sometimes hard for authors to strike the right balance between historical facts and fictional narratives, and to set a story within the well-known American Civil War era is to walk a thin tightrope indeed.  Heather Osborne delicately weaves her strands between and within the historical events, and makes it look easy in the process!  Her writing is well crafted and richly descriptive without getting in the way of the story she creates.


The smooth tones and rich acting of Kristyl Dawn Taft are a delight, and perfectly capture the drama and intrigue of the story.  The audio production is also top notch, leaving the listener with no distractions, able to sink easily into the drama as it unfolds.


This well-crafted audiobook is a hit on all fronts, and highly recommended to anyone with an interest in historical fiction.  Listeners will come away with a full heart, happy ears and a better understanding of the American Civil War.


TJ Richards