Broken Wide Open

Susan Griscom,
Charley Ongel, Tor Thom

CONTEMPORARY:  When Grace Davidson walks in on her new husband and her best friend doing the dirty at her wedding, she ditches them both and goes on her exotic “un-honeymoon” alone.  As she’s soaking up the sun at a glamorous resort, she meets Leo, a gorgeous and friendly stranger.  Sparks begin to fly and Grace wonders if Leo is exactly what she needs to repair her broken heart — or is it forever destined to be broken wide open?

Susan Griscom’s description of Grace’s journey is hard to put down – a sure sign of great writing!  This tale hums along at a respectable pace and packs enough twist and turns to keep even the shortest attention span focused.  One will very much enjoy Susan Griscom’s writing and will be on the lookout for more from this author.

Charley Ongel and Tor Thom team up to produce a dual narration on this audiobook and the production is spotless – this is a tricky thing to do and a sure sign of great technical skills.  Listeners will enjoy the acting, but sometimes the vocal inflections make it feel like the scenes are being read as erotic even when they aren’t, which brings one out of the story a bit.  It is  also difficult to tell  some of the male characters apart, but overall the voice acting is good and adds a new dimension to the writing.

This audiobook is recommended for anyone who is a fan of good contemporary romance and who doesn’t mind a few well-written, very steamy scenes!

TJ Richards