Caterina, Pendleton Petticoats #2

Shanna Hatfield,
Meghan Kelly

HISTORICAL:  When the beautiful and feisty Caterina rolls into a small Oregon town in 1899, the townsfolk quickly realize they are in for a surprise!  Fleeing the mob back east and hiding her connections to her past, Caterina woos the town with her Italian cooking skills and indomitable spirit.  Soon, she finds herself drawn to the kind hearted and brave Kade, the town deputy who seems entranced by more than just her cooking. Can he win Caterina's trust and help her escape the past?

Author Shanna Hatfield is a seasoned veteran of the historical romance genre, and her skills are definitely on display in this book.  The plot is enjoyable and her writing is exactly the style that fans of this genre love.  Each character is multi-layered and believable, with their fears and desires easy to understand.  Despite this being book two in the Pendleton Petticoats Series, it happily stands on its own and the listener needn't worry about being confused, or left behind.

  Narrator Meghan Kelly has a unique sound and is very skilled at character voices, which lends  a new layer of credibility to an already enjoyable story.  Her tone and vocal inflections are just right; they draw the listener in to experience the world that Shanna Hatfield has created.  The audio is clear and crisp, with nothing to distract from the twists and turns of this sweet romance.

Fans of westerns, historical romances and sweet tales of love conquering all will find this audiobook hits the bull’s-eye for them. "Caterina" is happily recommended to anyone looking for a good introduction to this genre.

TJ Richards