Reviews - Audiobooks

Check Out
Debra Parmley,
Talece Brown

CONTEMPORARY:  Betsy is a fearful little thing; a church mouse with very limited life experience, working in a library.  That is, until Nash comes into her life.  With his eye patch, he doesn’t look like other men, and as a wounded veteran with PTSD, he certainly doesn’t act like them, either.

The Last Firefly
Kimberly A LaGrone-DeMarco,
Arnetta Ellinwood

MYSTERY:  Private investigator Camille Sheridan returns to her hometown to help her old friend Luke when he is charged with attacking a woman. What Camille believes will be a small case turns out to be a multi-faceted one, involving much more than just her friend.

Out of the Box Awakening (Out of the Box #1)
Jennifer Theriot,
Triera Holley

CONTEMPORARY:  Olivia is in the process of change.  Newly divorced after 30 years of marriage, she finds herself in a new city, with a new job and maybe with a new boyfriend.  Ash is a widower and ready to open his heart to Olivia. , Despite the challenges that face this budding relationship, they also have a lot going right. 


Caterina, Pendleton Petticoats #2
Shanna Hatfield,
Meghan Kelly

HISTORICAL:  When the beautiful and feisty Caterina rolls into a small Oregon town in 1899, the townsfolk quickly realize they are in for a surprise!  Fleeing the mob back east and hiding her connections to her past, Caterina woos the town with her Italian cooking skills and indomitable spirit.  Soon, she finds herself drawn to the kind hearted and brave Kade, the town deputy who seems entrance

Broken Wide Open
Susan Griscom,
Charley Ongel, Tor Thom

CONTEMPORARY:  When Grace Davidson walks in on her new husband and her best friend doing the dirty at her wedding, she ditches them both and goes on her exotic “un-honeymoon” alone.  As she’s soaking up the sun at a glamorous resort, she meets Leo, a gorgeous and friendly stranger.  Sparks begin to fly and Grace wonders if Leo is exactly what she needs to repair her broken heart — or is it fore