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Debra Parmley,
Talece Brown

CONTEMPORARY:  Betsy is a fearful little thing; a church mouse with very limited life experience, working in a library.  That is, until Nash comes into her life.  With his eye patch, he doesn’t look like other men, and as a wounded veteran with PTSD, he certainly doesn’t act like them, either. He has a hard time getting close to Betsy until her sister comes into her life, bringing with her a whole lot of drama from which Nash is able to save them both.

This novella is just as sweet as it is short.  There is not a whole lot of surprise or unexpected drama, most of it reading a bit immature for two grown women regardless of Betsy's inexperience.  Even so, Debra Parmley has written  a book full of heart and tenderness.  There is an adequate amount of plot and character description but given that it is a novella, it does have a truncated feel.  The pace is nice and the story doesn’t feel rushed, nor are there areas of drag.

The third-person narration is really the highlight of this audiobook.  Talece Brown is the perfect choice for narrator.  One gets the feeling that Betsy is a simple girl and Talece really brings that to life.  Male and female characters have their own voices and Talece is able to pull off the narration, of which she should be proud.  The actual audio quality is just as good as the narration, with no outside noise from the narrator or from the equipment.  

Misty Walker