The Last Firefly

Kimberly A LaGrone-DeMarco,
Arnetta Ellinwood

MYSTERY:  Private investigator Camille Sheridan returns to her hometown to help her old friend Luke when he is charged with attacking a woman. What Camille believes will be a small case turns out to be a multi-faceted one, involving much more than just her friend. Camille is  drawn into an investigation so much more than what she bargained for when she came back to Crescent Falls, and her very life is in danger.

“The Last Firefly” is a fast-paced, action-packed audio that squeezes a lot of content into a short amount of time.  Kimberly A LaGrone-DeMarco does an impressive job writing detailed crime scenes that could easily lose credibility without the detail that she provides.  The nonstop action becomes draining, however, and the reader might wish for a few more breaks in the action for character development. The novel has amazing action, just not enough character build up.

The tone and age of the narrator cast for this role is appropriate, however there are peculiarities with the narration.  Arnetta Ellinwood is a very fast speaker in some areas but in others inserts odd pauses.  Some words she pronounces incorrectly, such as “axed” versus “asked”.  There is no vocal differentiation between characters, making it difficult to know who is speaking.  There are also some swallowing sounds and outside noises. That being said, Ms. Ellinwood’s voice is a good match for that of the main character, so it is easy to understand the casting choice.

Misty Walker