Reviews - Audiobooks

Enigma Tracer: Enigma Heirs-Book 1
Charles Breakfield & Rox Burkey
Narrator: Derek Shoales

SUSPENSE/THRILLER: Phillip Pliant is the CEO of Pliant Industries and a wealthy plastics broker. He manages multiple businesses (some of which are questionable), with his current ventures focused in the Caribbean. He has promised wealth and opportunity to the area but is failing to deliver. R-Group is now led by Gracie and the other family heirs.

Stone’s Throw
R.J. Jagger

SUSPENSE/THRILLER: Budding Hollywood starlet, Danika, is taken captive in the middle of the night from her best friend’s home. The only clues left behind are a jar with a dead rattlesnake, and a spinner with the numbers two, four, and six on it.

HISTORICAL: Lady Claire Sevalliere has her whole future planned. She knows who she will marry, and the life she will build in their home together. All of those plans are shattered when her beloved is murdered while trying to prevent a prison break—murdered by none other than Tye, the bastard son of Lord Geoffery de Lanceau.

E. J. Wenstrom

YOUNG ADULT/ SCI-FI: Evalee has known the day she was going to die since the day she was born. The date is even tattooed onto her body. She’s been planning her departure party for weeks, wanting it to be just right. When the moment finally arrives, Evalee finds herself quite the opposite of dead.

Lucian Lord is the reincarnation of an ancient knight of the round table. He has died and come back again several times, and is faithfully served by his squire trapped as a cat—Galahad. In this current lifetime, he runs an antique shop for his grandfather in Cat’s Paw Cove. Molly Hendrickson has recently moved in, fresh off of a devastating break-up to her fiancé.