Stone’s Throw

R.J. Jagger

SUSPENSE/THRILLER: Budding Hollywood starlet, Danika, is taken captive in the middle of the night from her best friend’s home. The only clues left behind are a jar with a dead rattlesnake, and a spinner with the numbers two, four, and six on it. All of them are the trademark of a serial killer known as “Hollywood” who likes to kill his victims with the contents of the jar in the number of days the spinner points to. Homicide detective Nicole Stone is the first on the case. She takes Danika’s best friend, Fallon, to safety, and the two of them must put their heads together to find Danika before time runs out. There is a game afoot, because Hollywood intends to kill Detective Stone too. The number on the spinner is how many days she has left to stay alive as well.

“Stone’s Throw” is a clever mystery with a devious killer that will give readers chills! Fast paced, full of action and twists, this book will keep readers invested in the drama unfolding! There are a few moments where details are glossed over and explained a bit more than they should be, rather than painted in a way where the reader can imagine them. The plot is a typical mystery/suspense line, but has enough unique elements to keep it fresh! Overall, this is a very entertaining tale, great for a dark night in!
“Stone’s Throw” has several actors involved in the production. They do well bringing the story to life. The lead narrator reads a bit slowly and in a slightly over dramatic fashion. The female cast members do an amazing job bringing their characters to life! Their emotional connection to their respective characters is clear and really helps keep readers hooked. In the background are a number of music tracks and sound effects. All of this makes it hard to get fully absorbed into the production because it is a bit distracting. Voice acting and characterization are very well done, though!

A great story for lovers of thrillers and suspense!

Chelsea Andersen