Hot Magic (Cat’s Paw Cove #4)

Catherine Kean

Lucian Lord is the reincarnation of an ancient knight of the round table. He has died and come back again several times, and is faithfully served by his squire trapped as a cat—Galahad. In this current lifetime, he runs an antique shop for his grandfather in Cat’s Paw Cove. Molly Hendrickson has recently moved in, fresh off of a devastating break-up to her fiancé. To occupy herself, she has taken to cleaning out her mother’s old home. When she finds an old necklace, she brings it to Lucian’s shop for an appraisal. The chemistry between her and Lucian is instant… or is it just an ancient curse pulling them together?

Ms. Kean takes a classic legend and turns it upside down! Full of adventure, romance, and magic it grips readers from start to finish! Lucian is the definition of a smoldering hero, totally swoon worthy. It makes sense why Molly feels an instant attraction to him. She is a female lead that readers can get behind easily. On top of the main leads, there is a colorful collection of feline characters that provide sass and laughs amongst the layers of romance that includes a darker and more sinister plot spinning from the ancient King Arthur legends. Altogether, this is a wonderful blend of humor and drama. While it follows many of the familiar tropes for the genre, it’s still a fun novel to plow through! There is a happily for now conclusion with an implied sequel, all set in a continued universe that readers can pick up wherever they want.

Rebecca Winder gives an energetic performance, keeping the flow of the story going even in some of the slower moments. Her personification of the characters gives them all a unique and distinct sound, even the cats! This combines together to make for a wonderful listen that makes it easy to press play and let it go until the end.

This is a great listen for lovers of urban fantasy and cozy towns!

Chelsea Andersen