A Knight's Seduction (Knight’s #5)

Catherine Kean

HISTORICAL: Lady Claire Sevalliere has her whole future planned. She knows who she will marry, and the life she will build in their home together. All of those plans are shattered when her beloved is murdered while trying to prevent a prison break—murdered by none other than Tye, the bastard son of Lord Geoffery de Lanceau. Tye wants to get vengeance on his father for the rejection he’s had to face his entire life. Upon taking Lady Claire captive on the road, Tye has a plan to lure the man who refused to acknowledge him out into the open. What he doesn’t expect is to be captivated by this woman. Unfortunately for him, she hates his guts.

“A Knight’s Seduction” is an enemies to lovers romance that hits all the right notes! The story begins with action and emotional drama, bringing the reader in. Claire is a strong woman in a time where women are undervalued. She’s clever and holds to her ideals. Tye is a classic rogue with a heart of gold! He’ll make readers swoon. Their chemistry is instant, and the build in their romantic tension is well paced until its satisfying release. Every so often, Tye’s mother, Veronique, is the lead POV, and her perspective adds a delicious layer of malice. The book keeps true to the historical time period. The setting is painted vividly, and the relationship dynamics of the period are well preserved. Some of the plot turns are familiar to fans of the genre, but they are done in an entertaining fashion all the same. A few moments do feel a little slow however, but once the book picks up speed, it barrels forward and keeps readers hooked!
Mr. Gillies is a talented narrator who expertly brings the book to life. He helps set the pace for the novel and keeps slower parts moving. His accents are great, and it’s clear he’s connected to the characters he is portraying. Each has their own distinct sound, making it easy to tell everyone apart.

This is a great listen for lovers of historical romance!

Chelsea Andersen