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Devon Walsh is a dragon shifter, and a rare white dragon. The dragon shifters are warriors with one huge weakness:  their mate. When they find their mate the love they feel is so profound it can cripple them, or send them diving into pools of passion. Devon has found his mate, but he has no clue who she is or where she comes from.

High Octane: Ignited (High Octane #1)
Rachel Cross,
Ashlinn Craven

Ronan Hawes is a superstar in the Formula 1 racing circuit, on the fast track to a championship. Relationships are a distraction he’d rather avoid, but a tryst is right up his alley. A new face grabs his attention at the pre-race party, a perfect gal for a one-night-stand.

A Bit of Heaven on Earth

Elizabeth has a stubborn, defiant streak a mile wide, and delights in testing her father’s limits regularly - especially in his pursuit to see her married. Aldred of Kentwood is a legendary warrior, and an old man.

Nothing But Trouble

Frankie Delenski finds herself in a bind when she can’t pay back a loan she had to take out in order to pay for her father’s funeral and final expenses. A dangerous loan shark now has her in his sights and she does the only thing she knows will keep her alive: she runs.

“Trail of Hope” is the second book in the “Hot on the Trail” series but also reads quite well as a stand-alone novel. Callie unwillingly joins her brother and his family on their journey West on the Oregon Trail.