Heir of Hope (Follower of the Word, Book 3)

Morgan L.

EPIC FANTASY:  In the conclusion to the Follower of the Word series, Busse continues the story of four characters that have all been impacted by their deity and spiritual leader, The Word.  They could not be more different: from Caleb Tala, once a self-absorbed assassin to Guardian with Word-given power; to Nierne, a female scribe and aspiring member of the Monastery; Rowen Mar, the last Truthsayer; and Lore, once captain of the palace guard whose bears hatred for Caleb for killing his master, and love for Rowen.  They are all drawn to Thrya, a place taken over by two Shadonae with the power to corrupt minds and steal souls, and a goal to take over the whole world.  This quartet must draw on the power of their bond with the Word in their fight against the darkness, and in finding their destiny.

“Heir of Hope” is an involving fantasy novel which has a Christian message intrinsic to the story without being preachy and too overtly Christian for nonbelievers.  Followers of Christian teaching will see many parallels, but this book can be enjoyed by other fantasy readers.  While the fantasy elements are well-done and vibrant, fundamentally, this is a story about people who face a series of choices in their lives, and draw on their faith and spiritual strength to keep going and to deal with very difficult circumstances.  Caleb’s evolution from dark assassin to honorable warrior for good is believable, and readers will root for the characters to achieve their destinies.

Danielle Hill