The Comfort of Black


Growing up with an abusive father, Hannah Parks knows the pain and suffering the family goes through. When she watches her husband, Dallin, become distant and uncommunicative, she knows something is wrong. Once in his sleep, Dallin reveals a dark side to his personality that Hannah never suspected. When she confronts her husband she realizes that there is more to him than his dream even revealed. Forced to run after Dallin tries to have her daughter Hannah abducted, she encounters Blackstone Morrow, an expert at helping people disappear and start a new life. With the aid of Black, Hannah is able to hide from Dallin and hopefully find the answers she desperately needs.


This suspenseful mystery pulls the reader in from the prologue and doesn’t let go until the last word is read! Containing no lulls or boring areas, the plot moves at a steady pace while the tension mounts to a reckless speed. With vivid, well-defined characters, this tale keeps the reader on the edge of the seat with unexpected twists and turns and enough suspense to keep the pages turning rapidly. In addition, the well-constructed and believable story line is solid and riddled with numerous surprises that keep one guessing and veering in the wrong direction. Although there is a minimal amount of romance, there is plenty of mystery and drama to keep even the staunchest romance lover interested. With a riveting story line and gripping suspense, this novel is impossible to put down until the last page is read.


Janna Shay