Psi Another Day (Psi Fighter Academy)

Young Adult

Rinnie Noelle is a high school teenager who is also a member of the PSI Fighters, a group of secret guardians with psychic abilities that they use along with high tech gadgets to defend the innocent. As a child, Rinnie was used as bait, which subsequently led to her parents’ deaths at the hands of the PSI Fighters’ deadliest enemies, the Walpurgis Knights. Rinnie was taken into hiding for safekeeping by the PSI Fighters and given extensive instruction on how to become one of them. However, now her parents’ killers have returned and are trying to find her, and she must rely on her fighter training along with her psychic abilities to keep others and herself safe. 


This Young Adult Fantasy Paranormal tale is an innovative take on the superhero fantasy. Instead of the use of special physical abilities, the PSI Fighters use their psychic abilities along with the use of high-tech gadgets to fight crime. The characters are engaging, although they need more fleshing out, and the plot moves a bit slow for an action hero-type book, with some scenes filled with details that do not progress the story line. Nonetheless, the witty dialogue that at times is a bit snarky is entertaining, as are the cynical comebacks. With teenage superheroes, a touch of romance, some suspense, psychic abilities, and adventure, this novel is sure to appeal to young adults as well as readers of fantasy and the paranormal.


Janna Shay