Fighting For Her Dragon (Dragon Guard Series Book 7)


Rescued by dragon shifters as a child, Emma Sinclair has settled into adult life as a maker of jewelry and has no idea that the Universe fashioned her as the mate of the “Special One”. When the voice of the traitor enters her mind with an entreaty to come to him, she is unaware that he is trying to save her by severing the strong connection between them. Andrew O’Brien, destined for greatness as the “Special One” of the Silver Dragon clan, is facing an eternity in the fiery pits of Hell due to wrong choices. The only one who can save him is Emma. However, there is more at stake than just the two of them. 


Book Seven in the Dragon Guard Series, this paranormal fantasy is the love story of two characters introduced earlier in the series. Although it stands alone, a better understanding of the numerous characters and the parts they play would be gained if the series were read from the beginning. The characters are engaging and the plot flows steadily except for a couple of areas that drag. That, along with some editing issues, is easily set aside as one is immersed in the innovative story line. The author does a remarkable job of transforming the evil villain from the earlier books into a character that has one rooting for his salvation. Bringing forth numerous emotions, suspense, romance, and drama combine to make this captivating novel not only poignant and entertaining, but also a tale that will please readers of many genres. 


Janna Shay