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Tempting Treasures

Lady Elena St John is doing just fine, thank you.

Holding Back

Laura Matheson is in Portugal to help her friends out with their hotel while theyre on vacation. She is not there to fall in love, or hang out with the handsome Daniel Stone.

Sisters Nadia and Anabella are on an adventure in Africa with the loves of their lives, Carlisle and Carter. What begins as a quest to see a lion up close and personal turns into a race to save themselves, when an earthquake levels the hotel where they are staying.

Wicked Wager

Marcus Revington, second-born son of his family, makes his income by gambling. When he wins Horngate Manor in a game of cards, he decides he likes the idea of being a landowner.

In the midst of the Ukrainian civil war, Seth Rogan finds himself involuntarily becoming a spy to search for his missing girlfriend, Natalia Andropova.