Recent Reviews

Florida Heat

Maggie’s life has changed drastically in the last year. She went from a happily married woman with a loving husband, to a divorced woman with an ex-husband who deals drugs. She needs change, so she leaves Texas to settle in Florida.  Within a month of settling down in her new life she meets Trent.

Alina died giving birth to Serenya, but before she did she begged her husband Douglas to take Serenya and run. When something begins attacking the village he grabs Serenya, honors his wife’s last request and runs, ending up in Summerfield. 

Midnight in Malibu
Rebecca Randolph

Novelist Rachel O'Neil is living in Cornwall writing her current novel.

Love is Darkness

As a child, Valerie Dearborn watched a vampire take her mother’s life and has never forgotten that horrifying image. Her father and his apprentice, Jack, have been hunting  vampires ever since.

Tainted Waters

Samantha Overton has just been fired from yet another job, this time as a reporter for the local newspaper.