Florida Heat

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Maggie’s life has changed drastically in the last year. She went from a happily married woman with a loving husband, to a divorced woman with an ex-husband who deals drugs. She needs change, so she leaves Texas to settle in Florida.  Within a month of settling down in her new life she meets Trent. Trent is everything she could want in a man, but she is wary and unwilling to take a risk on him. That’s the last thing she needs, especially since there’s a man who claims to be her ex-husband’s business associate who seems to be fixated on her.  Even though she knows it might not be smart, she can’t resist Trent.

The book started out well, with a lot of action, and a woman who is strong enough to start over when life takes a bad turn, but it went downhill from there. Maggie lacks any sense of self-preservation, and her decisions make no sense whatsoever. It is highly irritating. Trent is an OK hero, but doesn’t get the opportunity to shine.  The main story could have been interesting, but it is hard to enjoy it, because the writing often feels awkward. All in all, a story that shows promise, one that, with some content work, could have been a pleasurable to read!

Ana Smith