Serenya’s Song (Tallenmere, #2)

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Alina died giving birth to Serenya, but before she did she begged her husband Douglas to take Serenya and run. When something begins attacking the village he grabs Serenya, honors his wife’s last request and runs, ending up in Summerfield. 

When Sebastian Crowe, the Earl of Summerfield, comes home from his wanderings, he falls in love with the now grown Serenya and marries her in spite of the fact she is a half-elf commoner with a birth defect. After five years of marriage though, Sebastian has changed, and Serenya is unhappy until she meets new resident elf Jayden Ravenwing. They share many interests, but Serenya is married and their love is forbidden. Before she can dwell on the fact that she is tied to a man she no longer loves, strange things start happening and she believes she’s going insane. Jayden, as a special agent for the King, is tasked with the investigation and he finds more mysteries than he can solve. What exactly is going on in Summerfield?


The world of Tallenmere with its varied lifeforms, landscape and worship structure is complex, interesting and well-developed.  The characters are well-fleshed and the plot keeps the reader guessing. If the pacing were a tad faster this story would be a solid hit right out of the park!  It is that enjoyable! If one has an appetite for fantasy with mystery and romance all wrapped up in an enticing bundle, then this story will surely satisfy!


Carol Conley