Love is Darkness


As a child, Valerie Dearborn watched a vampire take her mother’s life and has never forgotten that horrifying image. Her father and his apprentice, Jack, have been hunting  vampires ever since. Valerie, however, would like to just forget and live a normal life.  Despite her love for Jack she leaves all that behind to start school in London. What she doesn't know is that Lucas, the vampire king, has sworn to protect her and her empath bloodline. The attraction to her is what will inevitably seal their fate. Is she destined to be with Lucas or is her heart still with Jack?  All the while there are forces brewing against them and war is on the horizon. 

 Right from the prologue of this book you are thrown into the violent and majestic world of vampires. Ruthless and with blood lust on their minds, they will either delight or horrify the reader. Valerie is a worthy character. She is sharp and witty and is truly the saving grace of this story. Her pain, fear and mixed emotions make her very real.  The attraction to Lucas and Jack is a great love triangle but falls short as it is not completely convincing and the lust between them tends to reign supreme.  The story focuses much more on the desire for revenge than for romance. There is vulgar language and gruesome descriptions for those readers who may be sensitive to this type of literature.  Some historical background adds depth and interest.  Occasionally the story flips back and forth in time without cohesion, leaving the reader a little confused.  Overall, this is a gritty, action packed story with carnality and vindication in the world of paranormal.


Margaret Faria