Tainted Waters

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Samantha Overton has just been fired from yet another job, this time as a reporter for the local newspaper. Previously unable to hold down a job for more than a few months, she's convinced there's no good reason for her sacking. Several of her recent newspaper articles have contained questions and investigations into the four properties surrounding the local lake. Is there a connection to her dismissal? Writer Keegan Wesley moved to Bentley a year ago to finish his latest book. But Keegan has some other business there.  His grandfather died of a heart attack and he's not convinced that it was natural causes. The four lakeside properties have been handed down from the original owners to successive generations in each family. Keegan has inherited one of these properties from his grandfather and has been living at the cabin trying to piece together his grandfather's life and death. When his elderly neighbor also dies of a heart attack, Keegan is convinced that something suspicious is happening to those who have ownership of the lake properties.

The premise of this thriller is captivating. Both protagonists are well-drawn and believable with no overdone heroics on the part of the hero. However, some phrasing is a little awkward, and initially the reader is deluged with information, numerous threads and characters. The plot becomes clearer and the characters more distinctive the further one progresses into the story. Tainted Waters ends strongly. Recommended for readers who enjoy romantic thrillers set in a small town.


Jill MacKenzie