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MYSTERY: Aubree Woodbury is back in her Tennessee hometown, working as Acting Chief of Police. She'd been undercover for the FBI when her parents died in a car crash. She hasn’t forgotten the man she left behind, but he never knew the real Bree. For Tavis Lennox, Bree is the woman who got away.

FANTASY: In 1787, Esme Doherty lives with her family on their farm. Unfortunately, her father is an inept farmer and the land fails to prosper. Her malicious twin will do anything to escape poverty. One day her grandfather visits and gives her a magical brooch that enables her to know when people lie. Not long after, her parents choose to immigrate to America.

FANTASY: Valentia McDowell yearns to visit Ireland to find her grandmother's family and the brooch she left behind. Her father eventually allows her to leave and soon she is crossing the Atlantic on a steamship. The journey is not without its perils. Valentia arrives on Irish shores nearly destroyed by malaria which she caught aboard ship. Her maid nurses her back to health.

After a 100 year nap, Djinn Leela is awakened when Jered, a handsome young magician, is unable to deny the compulsion to buy the opal ring matching the choker binding her to its owner.  Jered and his best friend Gabe are pulled into a magical world where power hungry magicians enslave Djinns.

Haunted by his past, suffering from writer's block, and his sobriety, Jack’s unable to complete the album he started with Mia. Recognizing she's lost her journalistic objectivity by falling into bed - and in love with Jack, Erin quits her job for a music blog magazine to become a freelance reporter, and the ghost writer for his tell-all memoir.