Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Barefoot Bay: SEALed with a Twist

Kiersten Hallie

Grant “Twisted” Sisti is a Navy Seal and a psychologist, struggling with his own post-traumatic stress disorder after the violent death of one of his teammates.  Struggling to come to terms with the loss of his teammate, Grant finds himself unprepared for the attraction he feels for the mysterious hotel maid he finds skinny-dipping in his pool one fateful night.  Skylar Thornquist has met Grant

After leaving her abusive and manipulative husband, Chloe is finally putting the pieces of her life back together because of her horse farm. One night, she awakes to find her stables on fire, but with the help of her horse trainer, she manages to save all but one horse.

Putting her expertise as the only female kidnapping and ransom specialist in the world to the test, Thea Paris desperately searches for her high-powered, multi-millionaire father after he is kidnapped from his yacht just before one of the biggest negotiations of his lifetime.

Gumshoe On the Loose

Mortimer "Mort" Angel is hired by a distressed damsel who finds him in a bar in Reno. She is being blackmailed by someone and wants him to find out who is to blame. Mort finds more than he bargains for when he discovers the body of famous rapper Jonnie Xenon in her garage.

Evie has been through a nightmare. Being at the wrong place with the wrong people has caused her life to be used as leverage for an illegal operation. With Evie a hostage in Turkey, Navy SEAL Delta team goes to work to rescue her. She is returned to California to heal in the home of a man she has a complicated history with.