Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Samantha Anderson flies to California to deal with the estate of a grandfather she never knew she had.

A terrible mistake years ago transformed Trish Kleerey into the by-the-book police officer she is today.

A Pawn for Malice

Jessica had a short but brutal marriage that ended when she killed him in self-defense. She has to get back to her Aunt in Albany, NY and she will be safe.

A Deep Thing

Kendall’s husband Tim died in a freak diving accident, even though he was an expert. Trying to move on afterward is impossible, especially once Kendall finds out he kept secrets from her - big ones.

Fan Girl
Danielle James,
P. Mattern

NYT bestselling author Lita Banks (aka Kat Wilson), is a loner for the most part. Her family just doesn’t get her at all - she lives alone and she likes it that way.