Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Wyland University graduate Harden Campbell wakes up on a dirt floor in a cell, beaten and cold. The only things in the room with him are a table and chair, a typewriter and the dead body of his best friend. He knows nothing of how he got there or why - that is, until he looks more closely at the ream of blank paper. On the top page there is one sentence: "Tell me a story”.

Special Agent Omar Zagouri is thrust into his most personal case to date.

Dark Fissures

Private Investigator Rick Cahill has gotten on the wrong side of La Jolla Police Chief Tony Moretti.

Absolute Doubt

Bomb expert Asher Daklin has made it his life’s goal to rid the world of the deadly explosive that killed his younger brother. To do this, however, requires him going deep undercover in the world’s most notorious terrorist organization.

Legitimate Power

In Arnona, Israel, while digging in his back yard, an ordinary man with a nagging wife finds two ossuaries with unusual contents.