Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

A mysterious woman comes into Ethan’s bar every night at midnight.  She orders a whiskey and then just as quickly disappears.  Danielle is a woman of mystery - or is she?

House of Secrets

Madeline Frost has had enough. For months she's endured her boyfriend's emotional and verbal abuse.

Silent Sentry

Gianna Donatelli is a well-heeled computer expert who insists on living among the less fortunate, believing that they are redeemable. Dr.

Heiress Adelia has everything a woman could ever want, but she isn’t sure what she truly desires.  David has convinced himself that he cannot be an FBI Agent and maintain a relationship.  Miles is a cunni

One Heart to Give

The world of Dani Brosen has been filled with many hurts from the abandonment she suffered as a young child.  She has grown up in foster care and has walls in place to never let that kind of pain in again