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Meredith Reed, an architect-turned-demolition expert, is determined to raze the Alabama plantation she inherited from her grandmother, despite the fervent advice of estate lawyer Max Chandler.  She feels that if she returns the land back to its pristine state, it will symbolically help her to lay t

An Inconvenient Love

Ordinary Englishwoman Sophia Stevens turned her back on a painful childhood and rebuilt her life from scratch.

Behind Locked Doors

“Behind Locked Doors” by C.A.

Gerry and Maia are happy - with Maia being pregnant their world is changing, but it won’t break them apart. And they’re sure of it until fate starts to conspire against them. First, there was a mysterious woman who warned Maia of danger; a woman nobody else could see.

PARANORMAL:  Meara’s life is falling apart.  Her mom Sharon is dying of cancer, her dad has never been around, and now they’re moving to Canada, away from everything Meara holds dear.  They’ll be living with Meara’s grandparents whom she’s never met.  And her mom won’t tell her about her father Dav