Rather than suffer an agonizing summer as college interns, Jordan Shaw and her best friend decide a backpacking trip through Europe is just what they need to break free from parental suffocation. What begins as a freeing, self-discovering adventure quickly turns deadly. With agents from Mirkos Enterprises actively tracking her for abduction, Chase Hudson with Aerial International is sent in for counter surveillance. While his mission may be to observe, he can’t resist the compelling and intriguing Jordan. With danger lurking at every corner, in every town, will Chase be able to separate his feelings from the mission? Or will Jordan become the next international kidnapping statistic?


From the opening pages, one is immediately drawn into a roller-coaster ride of action and suspense! Readers will enjoy the conveyed realism throughout the novel as the author draws on real world events by referencing authoritative agencies and landmark places, although some may struggle with believability as Jordan’s accepting personality places her in the protective company of men she barely knows. Additionally, the accelerated emotions between the protagonists’ may have some questioning the authenticity in cultivating their relationship. However, readers will not find a shirking violet in Jordan; strength in the face of danger, wits, sixth sense, and brazen abilities will have one on their feet cheering and quickly looking beyond her trusting nature.


A wonderful, and thrilling read that will not only keep readers up all night turning the pages but eager for Ms. Meeng’s next novel!


Stephanie Lodes