Dragon Knight’s Medallion (Order of the Dragon Knights Book 2)


PARANORMAL/TIME TRAVEL:  When Aileen Kerrigan’s father summoned her to Scotland, she thought she would be preserving historical plants. Little did she know that her world would be turned upside down when she is presented with the 800 year old journal of Dragon Knight Stephen MacKay. She discovers that not only do the pages contain her name and a sketch of the pendant she wears, but that her family has withheld a deep secret from her. Fleeing from chaos, she stumbles through a time tunnel and into the Knight’s quest. While Stephen vows his protection to all, he takes exceptional interest in the cunning Aileen.  Yet when his quest draws to an end, will he be able to sever his heart to send her back to her own time? 


Fans of historic time-travel romances will fall in love and devour this second installment to the series and can rest assure that while no prior knowledge is required, one will eagerly double back to read prior works! While some may find other timeline shifting novels to be a distraction, Ms. Morgan does a superb job in making these transitions seamless. However, some new readers of 13th-century novels may find a stumbling point with articulate Scottish dialect, although one can be assured that through careful research and concise writing the message is easily ascertained. 


Ms. Morgan presents one with a collection of time travel, medieval times, fae magic, and romance. A guarantee to please any gamut of tastes!


Stephanie Lodes