Big Sky Siren: Book 1 of the Big Sky Series


A maniacal assailant is on the prowl in the quaint town of Queen City, Montana. Working well into the night, Keeva is struggling to keep her cozy café afloat when she interrupts an assault in progress. Former Special Forces and CIA agent, Antonio (Tony) Salazar takes his new role as the city’s police detective seriously. When he’s assigned to investigate the young teen’s vicious assault, he never imagined the eye witness would turn out to be a stunning woman! But when the tables are suddenly turned, it’s Keeva who must fear for her life. Will Tony be able to keep her safe, or will he be forced to repeat his past, losing her too?


Beautifully descriptive, a reader is pulled into the glorious beauty of the Rocky Mountains! The premise of the story has promising potential, however many readers may find areas that fall short with regards to believability; while some may find that Keeva being a virgin and falling hard and fast to be relatable, a reader might be left with confusing contradictions as “she could fill a tea cup with all she knew about him”.


Even though a fresh foundation is present, one may also desire more personal sustenance surrounding the character’s history; and while all the loose ends are well-organized, one is left resonating with yearning feelings given a hurried conclusion. Tony’s alpha-male persona and Keeva’s gumption and self-determination are equally complimented in this suspenseful roller-coaster read!  


Stephanie Lodes