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Shannon McMurphy travels from a horrible life to Asherville, Texas in hopes of finding a husband that owns a ranch and wants her to be his wife.

Changing Tides

Monica Montgomery is raising her three kids on her own after her Marine husband was killed in a motorcycle accident. She never expected to find love again and certainly not with the doctor who treats her son after a baseball injury. Dr.

TIME TRAVEL:  Sarah Yates just wants to have a normal, beautiful wedding day. Unfortunately when you are a time-traveler or a “stitch”, as it were, nothing is ever straight forward or easy.

Sibilla Pennington refuses to marry just anyone.  Schooled by her recently departed father to have an outspoken opinion on political matters, entirely unheard of in her time, she has become quite picky.

STEAMPUNK:  Time traveler Sofia Windsor, Princess of York, is bound by duty.  She has to prevent a timeline being changed, if not totally eliminated.  Jax Ruston is relieved to return to his own time of 1855 and he’s pledged himself to help Sofia.  Racing across Europe they struggle with t