M. S.
Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  What do you get when you cross Sumerian gods with two high school seniors? An interesting take on pre-destined love story. These two gods - Enki and Ayanna - have loved and died for each other repeatedly for thousands of years. One of them is the god of the sky, the other rules the sea.  Somehow, they find themselves in the form of an introverted math nerd with controlling parents - Ayanna - and a swimming prodigy who has known more loss than any boy should: Calder. In a twist of fate, they find each other. Sparks fly, water pipes burst, and a romance begins. What's a love story without twists? Unenthusiastic parents and a jealous ex throw stones onto Ayanna and Calder's path to happiness. Can they overcome the obstacles to find their happily ever after?

Told in a duel point-of-view perspective made the story move effortlessly and added unique perspectives to the tale. This tale was enjoyable right from the opening scene to the very last word. There were some typos in the novel, but other than that, the author captured the essence of young lovers dealing with challenges far beyond their years. Rawness of emotions from all sides - kids, parents, gods - and strength of the characters' convictions to love each other spoke of experience and understanding one might only achieve if they had to make an unbelievable choice. Throughout the book, the characters and their emotions were skillfully crafted and respected, making this read a wonderful journey along the path to find true love.

Amy Willis