Breaking Point


Claire Allison Benson makes the difficult decision to divorce her husband Dave. Only after they married did he show his true, disturbing colors. She hires divorce attorney Sylvia Hunt, who suggests taking out a temporary protection order against him as he will not willingly let her go. Claire lives her daily life as a business consultant based in Vistaview, Florida, on high alert. She regrets the split from her first love Steve. Married now to another, he is still one of her strongest friendships. Claire is also close to her next-door neighbors; a friendship that will prove invaluable to her.


The pacing is good, and the characters are relatable. Author P.E. Patterson has a knack for writing natural dialogue in a voice distinctive to each character that goes a long way toward the authentic feel of this piece of fiction. The breaking point referred to in the title is a violent one.  Memories bring depth to the main characters, but the daily goings-on makes for less interesting reading. One gets the feeling that the author knows Claire’s horizons should expand, though carefully, in the here-and-now. However, the mundane illustrates Claire’s personality and serves as an on-ramp to extraordinary, plot-advancing events; a plot with a satisfying number of twists, though the last one comes out of left field and very late in the day. It leaves the reader wondering if there’s a sequel in the works.


Claire’s journey to reclaim her maiden name isn’t smooth, but how many things worth fighting for are?


Heather R. Nielsen